Dressage as a Horse Sport


Dressage is a horse sport that is very intriguing and entertaining to watch. It is also one that places a great deal of responsibility on both the horse and the rider that is participating in this. It is favored in the UK and when it comes to worldwide recognition then it’s the UK that deserves the attention.

Dressage is comprised of highly skilled riding techniques and being able to get the horse to perform very detailed and intricate movements. There are different levels of competition that can range from basic that amateurs participate in, all the way up to professional where they are of Olympic quality.

The focus is put on the horse itself as it carries out a variety of these most astounding movements but the horse takes its cues from the skills of the rider. During a competition judges will score both horse and rider on their merits. There is no doubt that it takes continuous practice on behalf of both the horse and the rider to be successful in this particular equestrian sport.

What spectators find appealing about Dressage events is how the horse is able to carry itself and the variety of gaits utilized.