Horse Racing

Perhaps the most popular horse sport of the modern age is horse racing. This can take the form of races over jumps or races on the flat. There is a whole dedicated industry centered around this activity. It has often been called the sport of kings, and indeed, Queen Elizabeth of the UK is known to be an avid horse breeder and advocate of racing.

The Horse Racing Industry

Thoroughbred horses can command high prices on the open market as a use for competing or breeding. There are many people who make a living from this industry, from the humble stable boy through to the trainer and the champion jockey. And with considerable prize money at stake, it has become a big business globally. Amateur racing is also popular among the young and old alike, and there are many local events that you or your children can take part in. Let’s also not forget the lucrative hunting business, which is common worldwide. As a horse-lover, you want to make sure you have the best gear and surroundings for your horse. As a homeowner, you also want your home to be equally stylish and elegant. This is where can help.

What is Royal Design?

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  • Kay Bojesen rocking horse
  • Brigsbys wall-mounted horse head
  • Jellycat stuffed willow horse
  • Maleras Glasbruk horse decoration
  • Lene Bjerre Serafina horse sculpture
  • Muurla horse enamel mug

Among many others.


Horse racing is a global phenomenon that has evolved over the ages to become a national pastime for many countries. Enthusiasts can compete from grass-level to top-class events like the Grand National and the Kentucky Derby. As horse lovers who demand the best for your homes, you should check out the Royal Design site now.