Common Types of Horse Racing


One of the most exciting categories when it comes to horse sports is horse racing. Within this category there are many sub events that can attract the attention of both participants and spectators. It is also one that is highly recognized in the gaming industry.

Flat Racing

Flat racing is comprised of racing a selection of horses that will run over a flat or level race course. A specific distance is set and the object of the race is for one of the horses to reach the finish line first.

The skills that are involved here is the speed of the horses well as its stamina and how astute the rider is to allow the horse to work at its finest. The rider is referred to as the Jockey. Usually the Jockey has to possess specific characteristics such as being small in stature to decrease the weight that is put on the horse.

The distances that they may be required to run depends on the country that is supporting the sport. For example, in Great Britain the average is 2 miles while in the US or Canada it could be up to 3 miles.

Harness Racing

This is always a horse sport of interest because there are extra challenges put on the horse itself. Instead of having to carry the rider the horse is expected to pull a specifically designed two wheel cart made for the industry. The weight of the Jockey is still important as the Jockey takes up the seat in the cart and directs the horse. The horses work off a specific git such as a trot or pace that can lead them to their success.