Rodeos as a Horse Sport


Rodeos are really a very special type of horse sport that is made up of different categories within it and each one of them hold a high level of excitement. A lot of the events that are carried out in rodeos require a horse that is agile and has the stamina and agility to perform. It also requires riders that are able to focus and work with the horse to be able to guide it through the responsibilities that it is being presented with.

Within the category of rodeos there are many subcategories. Some require a good combination of skills in being able to move quickly and respond in the moment such as for Roping and Steer Wrestling.

Included in these categories is Barrel Racing and timing is of the essence when it comes to the direction that the rider is going to give the horse. The object here is that the horse and rider must carry through a cloverleaf pattern around a selection of barrels that have been strategically placed.

Originally this was considered to be a woman’s sport while the men carried out other rodeo activities such as the Bull riding and Bronc riding.