How Much Work is Involved in Horse Sports?


Becoming involved in horse sports isn’t just a matter of finding a good horse and i choosing from the many sporting categories that are available. Becoming involved in this industry means be prepared to offer a lot of dedication and taking on the responsibility that comes with it.

Choosing the Right Horse Sports Category

Horse lovers that want to become involved in the horse sports arena have to decide on which category appeals to them the most. There has to be an enthusiasm and a passion for what they are going to become involved in. This is because it is time-consuming and ongoing and requires the development of skills in a both a rider and the horse.

Choosing the Right Horse

Different breeds of horses are more appropriate for the specific categories that horse sporting is comprised of. For example, many experts feel that the quarter horse is most appropriate for the Western sporting category. This is because of their size, stamina, and nature. When it comes to the horse racing category the favorite type of horse here is the thoroughbred. This is because of their find bloodlines and stability. In the UK where Dressage is very intense and well regarded there may be a broader selection of horse breeds that will be favored by those that are entering into the sport. These can also include the thoroughbreds, but included in the list is the Lipizzaners and Andalusians.

Making the Commitment

Getting into the horse sports circuit requires a lot of hard work and constant practice. Any individual that has chosen this path either as a career or hobby has to realize that it is a competitive sport and as such demands a total commitment. It often means having to give up one’s social life because of the time commitments needed for practice as well as for participating in the events. It often includes a lot of travel to keep up on the circuits.

Financial Responsibility

There is usually a cost involved to become involved in the majority of the horse sports events. This is aside from the purchase and care of the horse. Although many of the events do come with a payout for the winners, often it is not enough to cover the ongoing expenses that have to be covered.