The magnificence of Polo

Often you’ll see in movies that the fancy rich people often are enjoying a game of Polo, for the ones who’s not that in to it might call it Horse Polo to clear things up.

This is a team based sport and there’s always two teams facing each other in each game of polo. The main goal i simple: Score more goals than the opposing team.

How does one actually play Polo?
All the players are riding a horse each and then they’re equipped with a mallet each that they’re using ni order to get the ball in between the two goal posts. One may find it odd but since the beginning of the sport there’s been a rule that everybody must use their mallet with their right hand. One might say that it’s been a norm to be right handed and that being left handed was something odd and the polo clubs did not want anyone who was considered odd in their team.

There’s 4 members on each team that’s competing on the field to score goals. Mounted on their horses and armed with their mallets, they’re all chasing the white small ball of plastic or wood, in order to get it in between the goal posts.

There’s only about 16 countries in the world that plays Polo professionally, some of them being: India, The Great Britain, Argentina and the United States of America.

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Polo has been a part of the summer olympics 4 times, which was in 1900, 1908, 1924 and 1936. The last olympic was being held in Nazi Germany and was boycotted by lots of nations. The last gold medal in Polo was won by Argentina, after beating the Great Britain with 11-0 in the final game.

One of the funniest Olympic events ever taken place was in the summer olympics of 1908, where the Great Britain actually won the following medals:

Believe it or not but there was only three participants in this summer olympics of Polo, and each team was representing theGreat Britain. Two from todays England and one from Ireland.

It was a very short tournament with only two matches being played, first the Rosehampton beat the Hurlingham Club. The following match was between Rosehampton and the team that represented Ireland, in which Rosehampton yet again won the game.

The game for the silver medal was not played so there was 1 gold medal and 2 silver won the the Great Britain.