Horse Sports for the Disabled


Horse sports for the disabled are now becoming more common and readily available for those participants that have some type of disability to be able to participate in. While originally this started out as a form of therapy to help these individuals it has now grown into a very viable horse sports that is drawing the attention of many spectators.

Disabled riding has become such a attraction that it has become a part of the Paralympic games. Within the categories disabled individuals are able to compete in Dressage and the same responsibilities are placed upon them as any other type of competitor. The type of competitors that take place in the disabled horse sports can be suffering from a variety of different disabilities where some have become disabled as a result of an accident, while others have been born with a condition such as cerebral palsy.

Most of those that that are involved in the disabled horse sports activities will tell you that when participating they firmly believe that they are on the same level as any of the other competitors in the standard horse sports. These individuals work equally as hard and are as dedicated to this industry as anyone who participates in them