Exciting Horse Sports You Can Try

Nothing brings more happiness than going beyond the usual with your horse. It should not be about riding and covering long distances with your horses all the time. Sometimes you can try one or two horse sports, and it will enhance your experience. For instance, you can do horseboarding, tent pegging, or try horseball. Let’s explore some of these horse sports.


Horseball has been in existence for many years, but it is still plenty of fun. The game is given different names in other countries. It involves a group of four horse riders who compete with each other. Additionally, there must be two substitutes who must have all the Aim’n riding gear required. The main task here is to throw a ball to a minimum of three riders before throwing it to the vertical loop. However, you must be fast and ensure you don’t spend more than ten seconds holding the ball.

Tent Pegging

This sport involves competing horse riders who are obliged to pick up tiny pegs from the ground through the use of a sword. Additionally, the rider can pick up some suspended rings from head height using lances. The more you collect the pegs and rings, the higher the possibility of becoming a winner. This game has no special requirements, and any horse and rider can participate in the game.

You may also engage in polocrosse, mounted archery, and jousting sports.